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Yamaha FZS FI Version 2.0 Price in Nepal

Yamaha FZS FI V2.0 bike in Nepal get a plethora of refurbished features; new headlamps, new silencer, new mudguard and a reworked fuel tank. However, the biggest update is the new fuel-injection system and a slightly reduced weight.  Compared to the previous Yamaha FZ FI bikes’ 153cc, the bikes now offer 149cc and power output has come down to 12.92bhp and 12.8 Nm of torque from 13.8bhp and 13.6Nm.  The new engine uses advanced sensors and actuators to calculate and deliver the optimum amount of fuel to the engine – enhancing both performance and mileage. It brings the most advanced Yamaha Blue Core concept to offer bikers an unmatched experience of performance and efficiency.  The bikes’ fuel efficiency has improved by 14%.  Similarly, the reduced weight (132 kg) makes the bike even more responsive to quick initial pickup and delivering smooth passing acceleration.

Key- features of Yamaha FZS FI Version 2.0 Motor Bikes:

Yamaha FZS FI Version 2 Bike Price in Nepal Yamaha Bikes 2016-2017

  • Multi-function Instruction panel with ‘eco’ indicator
  • New pattern wide tubeless radial tire which is puncture resistant and provides better grip in wet weather
  • Advanced FI Engine – A completely redesigned super responsive engine advanced FI (fuel injection) engine
  • Higher fuel efficiency and eco friendly
  • Better cold start
  • Accurate throttle response
  • Separate split tandem seats for enhanced rider comfort
  • Easy to grab aluminum handle grab bars
  • Multi reflector stylish headlight and clear flasher lens
  • Adjustable riding modes

Yamaha FZS FI Version 2.0 Motorcycle Price in Nepal : Rs. 2,48,000.00

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