Smart Card Driving License Nepal Smartcard replaces the Written License

Smart Card Driving License Be A Smart Card Driver

Nepal Government  Ministry of  Physical Infrastructure and Transport Department of Transport Management  implements Smart Card Driving License From 15th of Mangsir 2072. 

Smart Card is an electronic based technology similar to Machine Readable Passport MRP in Nepal. This is going to be implemented in Nepal for the first time. Smart Card system in driving license is new technology in Nepal. All the hand written license will be totally replaced by smart card. This new system in driving license will first implemented on Kathmandu Valley. And after two weeks other 14 Transport Office will start to distribute the Smart Card License. From the first week of Poush Smart Card License will be distributed all over the country from respective Transport Management Office. According to the department officer  Mr. Basanta Adhikari at first 1 Lakh  60 thousand smart card  licence will be distributed.

Smart Card Driving License

What is Smart Card ? How to get Smart Card ifalready have hand written license ?

Smart card is just like bank ATM card with a chips in the middle like Sim card which is read by the machine. It contains driver’s details  information like name, date of birth, mobile number, address, etc and vehicles number with all data and details. No need to carry license and bill book if you have a Smart Card. Validity of Smart Card is 10 years . To get a smart card you need to go to Transport Management Office  click the photo and submit the fingerprints and signature through the Laser. All the information of the driver can be filled through the online form but to submit the photo,fingerprints and signature you need to go to the office. Traffic Police and Department officer will use Smart Card Reader to read the smart card. No need to sit on crowd to get the driving license after smart card will be started to distribute.

Online Form Department Of Transport Management

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