Nepali Google Boy ‘Aditya Dahal’ Future Prediction

Who is Google Boy Aditya Dahal

Aditya Dahal is popularly known as Google Boy in Nepal. As of 2015 he is 4 year old. He has not taken any class in school but can write Nepali, English, Korean, Chinese and other language too. He has proved himself a good forecaster too.

Aditya Dahal Nepali Google Boy 2015

Google boy Aditya Dahal can not speak and gives his answer by writing on paper. Initially, he shocked his parents by writing the names of all the countries in the world and the name of their presidents. He now remembers the name and occupation of everyone he meets , meaning of every words asked to him and even the meaning of the words from different language. He had forecasted that Dip Kumar Upadhyaya would be the ambassador of Nepal for India. Aditya did not have a natural growth as a baby. He was growing normally till he was three years old but a rare medical conditions paralysed him. His parents took him to Neuro Hospital in Kathmandu for treatment but nothing was diagnosed. During the course of his sickness Aditya started developing this extraordinary memory power. He is currently being treated in USA as per his request. He also has forecasted he can fully recover if treated in a particular hospital he has mentioned.

Aditya is well known in Nepal. He had forecasted about some strange things that could happen in Shrawn 2072 in Nepal. He predicted Nepal would get “Sambidhaan” by 2072.

Watch video of Nepali Google Boy Aditya Dahal and his mysterious and amazing memory power.

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