Nepal Life Insurance to float 30.96 lakh unit Further Public Offering (FPO) shares

Nepal Life Insurance company (NLIC) has decided to go for FPO to maintain the promoter public capital structure as 70:30. At present the Promoter: Public ratio of NLIC stands at 80:20 . The FPO will be issued to convert the promoter:public shareholder structure to 70:30. To make the structure in the ratio 70:30, 30.96 lakhs unit shares needs to be floated to the general public.

Earlier in the fiscal year 2070/71, Nepal Life Insurance had distributed 60 percent bonus share and 8 percent cash dividend to their shareholders.
Life Insurance sector has earned Rs 24.83 arba as net insurance premium. Nepal Life Insurance has earned Rs 8.09 arba as insurance premium occupying 33% of the total insurance premium in the life insurance sector.


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