Nepal Kayak & Canoe Club : Bhote Koshi Express 2016

Bhote Koshi Express is an International kayaking championship. It is as extreme as it can get when it comes to whitewater kayaking event in the Himalayas.

Nepal Kayak & Canoe Club is proud to organize the second edition of the Extreme Kayak Championships. The place has not been picked up randomly: the Bhote Koshi river is one of the most iconic river not only in Nepal but it is internationally recognised for its whitewater…Our event will be hosted at Boarderland Eco resort and the races will be in various section of the river including the most famous rapid of the river “frog in the blender”.

The Bhotekoshi has two completed dams and work on a third dam has already begun. The NKCC Bhotekoshi Express may become the first and the last extreme event on this world-class river. We will be film documenting the entire event and through it we plan to show the world what we are going to miss once the hydro electricity project is complected.

Nepal Kayak & Canoe Club Bhote Koshi Express 2016

This three day event will showcase GIANT SLALON AND SPRINT races. The title “KING/QUEEN OF THE HIMALAYA” 2016 will be awarded to the fastest paddler of the event. NPR 400,0000 worth in total prize will be offered to the winners. The competition will host open man and women category.
What: Bhote Koshi Express Extreme Kayak Championships (King & Queen of the Himalayas)

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