How to Activate Ncell 4G Internet on Mobile | Ncell 4G Sim Activation Method

How to activate Ncell 4G Data Service and Get free Internet data offer | Ncell 4G Launching Offer 2074

Ncell, an Axiata Company starts 4G LTE Internet service in Kathmandu valley effective from June 1 (Jestha 18, Thursday). We are here to provide all frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Ncell 4G internet service. This post includes all the information about Ncell 4G coverage, Ncell frequency band, 4G mobile compatibility, Speed and the Ncell 4G activation procedure.

How to Activate Ncell 4 Internet on Mobile 2074 Ncell 4G Sim Activation Method 2017

Where is Ncell 4G LTE Internet Coverage Area?

Ncell is introducing its 4G data service in Kathmandu valley, Nagarkot, Banepa and Dhulikhel as well. According to the company it is going to expand 4G service coverage in further 40 cities of the country.

What is the frequency band of Ncell 4G Internet Service?

The frequency band of Ncell 4G service is 1800 MHz. This is the same frequency band as that of Nepal Telecom 4G Service (NTC 4G).

How to check if your Mobile or SmartPhone is compatible with Ncell 4G or not?

To get the access to Ncell 4G service your phone have to be compatible with 4G. You need to look for the LTE 1800 MHz in the specification of your mobile set. If you don’t able to check the specs, you have to go to the settings, then mobile network and go to the available mobile networks to select it manually. It will show you the list of networks available for you after some scanning process. If it shows 429 02 LTE or Ncell LTE, then congrats your mobile supports the Ncell 4G.

What is the speed of Ncell 4G?

According to the company, Ncell 4G Internet speed sports around 33 Mbps. But the speed depends on the power of 4G signal strength and the time of usage. It is known that it would be around 10 Mbps of download and 5 Mbps of upload speed in average.

How to activate Ncell 4G on Mobile Phone ?

If you want to get Ncell 4G Internet on your mobile you have to change your Ncell SIM to U-SIM. To check whether your Ncell SIM supports 4G or not, you have to type q and send it to 324. Then you need to change your phone in 4G preferred mode from the settings, mobile network.

To activate the free 4G offer, you need to dial *324#.

If your SIM card doesn’t support 4G, visit nearest Ncell Center with citizenship of SIM owner and upgrade to Ncell 4G SIM for free of cost.

What are the Ncell 4G free introductory offers?

After the 4G activation on your SIM, Ncell provides 1 GB free data pack for every subscribers valid for 3 days from June 2 as Ncell 4G Internet introductory offer. Ncell also provides the free song listening service. To do so, just download their recently launched Yonder music Nepal app and get free service for 30 days of subscription till Ashar 16, 2074.

If you have any queries about Ncell 4G Internet Service and data pack, feel free to comment below.

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