Hamro Patro Nepali App Smartphone Free Download

Hamro Patro is a free Nepali App available at Google Play Store and  AppStore for both android and IOS users. Its a mobile friendly app for users. Hamro Patro is a familiar application for all users with lots of feature that are needed in daily life. Hamro Patro Nepali app is a very kown and easy to use and offers a wide range of information to its users.


Hamro patro is a multi feature app where users gets information about many things. Connecting Nepali Community is main mission of Hamro Patro Nepali App. 

The main features of Hamo Patro Nepali App are :

  • Calender
  • Horoscope
  • News 
  • Date Converter
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Nepali Radio
  • Blog

Hamro Patro Nepali App informs user about the various festivals and important Nepali dates. It has festive E-Cards to inform you about the significance of festivals and others. Hamro Patro also has news feature to keep its users informed about various ongoing activities, events and news around the country.

Celebrate the important days, events and Nepali Festivals with all new e-cards. Share our dashain tihar e-cards with your friends and family.

 Download Hamro Patro Nepali app  for Smartphone from Google Play Store and Appstore.

Click Link below to download the App:

Android Google Play Store: Hamro Nepali Patro

iOs App Store: Hamro Nepali Patro

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